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A Year with Pack 479

  • Hikes & Outdoor Adventure
  • Working with Wood
  • Pinewood Derby
    Start with a kit and end with a racecar! Race your car against your friends in the Pack. Awards for Best Design too!
  • Rocket Launch
    You bring the rocket (kit), we provide the boosters. Watch them touch the sky!
  • Group Bike Ride
  • Service Projects
    Ring bells for donations, park cleanup day, prepare food for the hungry
  • Skits, songs & shenanigans!
  • Egg Drop/Launch
    Create a device to protect (or epically destroy!) an egg if dropped from up high or launched from a giant sling shot!
  • Camping Opportunities!
    • “Polar Cubs” winter day camp
    • “Base Camp” overnight lock-in
    • Summer camps
  • And more!!

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