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Why Join Scouting?

Scouting is fun with a purpose!

The goals of scouting are to develop skills, lifetime values, physical fitness and leadership of boys and girls. All activities are designed to be both educational and fun. Your scout will develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship and sportsmanship, while learning to do their best. As a parent you will have the opportunity to share these experiences with your son or daughter. Most of us have found that we as parents learn and grow too through the scouting experience.

When can my child start the adventure?
Kinder through 5th graders can join. Joining now is the best time to join; your future scout will develop friendships that transcend classrooms and even schools.  We welcome boys and Girls from Eden Prairie.  Most of our scouts attend Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion and Cedar Ridge Elementary schools, but we have scouts from all schools.

What’s the time commitment? How often do we meet?
The large group (Pack) meets once a month, and so does the small group (Den). Pack meetings are on a Thursday evening, and the Dens meet on their own various schedules.  We know families are busy and have designed our programming to be flexible.  Most of our scouts are involved in other sports & activities.

How much does it cost?

Each scout in our area pays a yearly registration fee to our local council of $180.  This covers national and local scouting fees.  Our Eden Prairie pack has local scout programming and outings for which we fund.  This includes the scout’s pack t-shirt, handbook, neckerchief, slide, and pack patches.  Our pack fee includes funding activities such as camps, pinewood derby, Blue & Gold banquet, educational/informational presentations, and our annual picnic.  We have a single yearly fundraiser which allow many scouts to raise a majority of the funds needed.  Families can also opt out of fundraising by paying $200.  Total cost for the year (council + pack) is $380.

Join us at Miller Park!

How do we join?
Join now by registering on Scouting Event’s website.

You can also contact us at  Interested families are welcome to attend any of our activities/events, reach out to us and we look forward to seeing you!

I have more questions, who can I contact?
Email us at

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